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Prepare for Implant Success with Advanced Bone Grafting Procedures

Bone loss is a common condition occurring in the jaw after gum disease, oral trauma or tooth loss. Losing bone in the jaw carries several consequences for patients, including a sunken appearance to the face, shifting teeth and diminished oral function. It also limits the ability to replace missing teeth with dental implants, as these tooth replacements rely on bone for support, just like natural teeth. Bone grafting is a procedure we use to restore bone health and volume. Bone grafting can effectively replace lost bone and improve your candidacy for dental implants, especially when performed at the hands of an experienced specialist.

Our periodontal specialist uses his advanced training and in-depth expertise in bone health to rehabilitate the jaw with bone grafting procedures. To perform bone grafting, we use bone from your own body (usually the chin) or safe donor source. These bone tissue samples are transformed into sand-like granules and placed in areas of bone loss. These bony granules fuse with existing bone, returning bone height and volume to sufficient levels. In many cases, we combine Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR) services with bone grafting to expedite healing and new tissue growth. GTR also protects bone grafting sites with a biocompatible mesh, allowing proper bone healing and recovery to occur.

Bone Grafting Process Video Animation

Is bone loss keeping you from receiving implants? Visit our team to see if bone grafting is right for you.