Implants vs. Dentures - Brockton, MA

Effective Options for Overcoming Tooth Loss

  • Oral Function – eat, speak and smile again with total confidence
  • Cosmetic Appearance – preserve natural facial contours and a beautiful smile
  • Self-Confidence – feel and look your absolute best
  • Nutrition and Health – eat a wider variety of foods for improved nutritional intake
  • Quality of Living – restore overall health and well-being for greater comfort and general wellness

The implant feels like it's your own tooth

- Harold: Dental Implant patient

  • Multi-Specialty Team – board certified periodontist and general dentist highly skilled in implant dentistry and prosthodontics
  • Advanced Dental Technology – minimally invasive techniques improve comfort, precision and end results
  • Full-Scope Implant Practice – place, restore and complete the entire implant procedure from start to finish
  • Lifelike Esthetics – committed to using the highest quality materials for gorgeous, natural-looking replacement teeth

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