Root Canals - BROCKTON, MA

Save Infected Teeth and Relive Pain

  • Tooth Pain or Discomfort – infected teeth often present with dull tooth pain or aches
  • Tooth Sensitivity – teeth that are sensitive to hot/cold temperatures may signal internal infection
  • Swollen Gums or Face – facial or gum swelling, or pimple-like sores on the gums, are classic signs of infected teeth
  • Pressure in the Jaw – consistent or intermittent pressure in the jaw can indicate bone damage from infected teeth
  • Halitosis – disease-producing bacteria within infected teeth produce malodor, or bad breath
  • Systemic Illness – fever, swollen lymph nodes and general malaise may result from oral infection
  • No Symptoms – some cases of infected teeth produce no obvious symptoms

Treatment of an abscessed teeth

Learn more on how root canal treatment can save infected teeth from tooth extraction.