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Find Relief from Jaw Pain With TMJ Therapy

Nightguards Protect Teeth and Provide Jaw Comfort

Though the exact cause of TMJ disorders remains unknown, we have identified a number of factors that contribute to the condition. The most common source behind TMJ issues tends to be teeth grinding. Habitual grinding (bruxism) not only places undue stress on the TMJ, it also leads to worn teeth, cracked or broken teeth and fillings, and even gum recession. To protect your teeth and jaw joint health from these effects, our multi-specialty team offers oral appliance therapy with custom nightguards. These appliances are worn on either the upper or lower teeth while sleeping or whenever teeth grinding tends to occur. We make custom nightguards by taking impressions of your teeth, which are sent to our lab. Once complete, we try in your nightguard to ensure comfort and a custom fit.

What is Bruxism and what causes it

Do not let TMJ pain keep you from enjoying a happy, healthy smile.